Greek police clash with demonstrators

Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters


“We don’t need protectors!” one of the banners carried by the demonstrators read. Some could be heard exclaiming: “Yankees go home!”


Τους τσάκισε μια μάντρα νομιμότητα

Οι φοιτητές καίνε την Αμερικάνικη σημαία και ενώνονται με


Protesters are rallying against US policy that is “creating tensions” with various countries around the world, starting with China and Russia, as well as against the US attempts to “overthrow the government in Ukraine,” Greek journalist Aris Chatzistefanou. Apart from that, protesters are blaming the US for supporting“Islamic extremists”which led to“well-known consequences.”


“While the Greek government is trying to present the visit of Obama as a visit of a peacemaker, thousands of demonstrators came onto the streets to protest US policy in [such] parts of the world from Latin America to Middle East, Afghanistan and Syria,” Chatzistefanou said.

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