State of Illinois: are they public servants or an elite bureaucracy? You decide (#1)

Top 13 “Big Dog” Village Manager Salaries- IL

 Sunday May 13, 2012


Our “Big Dog” Report on highly compensated Village Manager’s has received much interest, here is a ranking of the Top 13.


Last year, Palatine was at $255,283 and he took a 22% pay cut to $200,379.  Therefore, he went from one of the top to thirteenth place.  Skokie was one of the top and went from $269,170 to $230,531- but, ten years ago he was making $124,579.  The Mayor of Chicago makes $216,200.




1.      47 Village Managers Out-earn Every Governor of the 50 States:

See the Top 10 Village Manager Salaries in Illinois. The highest paid is a village manager of small Grayslake at $251,152. Review last years report,


2.      Identifying ‘Legal Corruptions’:

Occupying our state pension systems are private employers like Illinois Association of Park Districts (PeterMurphy, $322,444), and Park District Risk Management Association (Brett Davis, $297,901). Taxpayers have no control over the salaries, but pay for the pensions. Murphy received a 2012 salary spike of $40,000, and Davis has tripled his pay in ten years.


3.      The Nerds that Glitter:

The school district treasurer of Bloom Township made $213,301 and the treasurer of Thornton Township made $200,489 while he also runs his own certified public accounting firm- Eugene Varnado LLC.


In 2012, school treasurer Mohsin Dada double-dipped pension systems for over $440,000: a current salary of $203,903 and a retirement pension of $240,000. His pension is so high because of a massive salary spike from $156,160 to $358,750. Checkout his ‘ego’ website.


4.      Managing Small Park Districts… is Fun:

In 2012, local park district administrators are out-earning the State Director of Parks: Mount Prospect $215,626 ($105,000 in 2000); $212,572 ($74,999 in 2001) in Addison.



Other Highly Compensated Bureaucrats include:


Thomas A. Morris- the General Counsel of Waukegan School Dist 60 who pocketed $229,655 while also practicing law since 1996 for downtown Chicago law firm Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP.

Dennis Gianopolus- extracted nearly $260,000 while simultaneously working as the General Counsel of Calumet City, serving as a prosecutor for Chicago Heights, and running his own law firm.

William Volk manages the Champaign County Mass Transit for $286,734 ($216,500 in 2010)- nearly a triple in eleven years.

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